Our dogs – past

When Wayne and I set up house after getting back from London in 1990 we knew wanted dogs. We had to wait a bit, because we were in a flat, but then in 1992 we found our first little guy Robbie.

There was a pet shop on the way to Museum Station and I’d go in when I had a bit of time to kill while waiting for the train. I remember a litter of puppies arriving and picking out a particularly joyful little fellow from the bunch. Every time I visited the shop, a couple of the puppies had gone off to their new homes, but my favourite little guy was always there… and one day I went in he was still there all on his own. He was there for weeks and weeks. Then one day he was gone…

About a week or so  later I went past the pet shop and he was back! Turned out it hadn’t worked out for whoever had taken him so he’d been returned to the shop. So he was still there and now he was marked down. I was heartbroken and not a little worried about what might happen to him… I’d always said I would never buy a puppy from a pet shop, but this felt more like rescuing him. We decided to start looking for a house with a garden, and a couple of nights later Wayne arrived home with Robbie.

We knew pretty soon that Robbie needed a pal. One day Wayne was walking past a shop in Richmond with a sign in the window about a fox terrier “free to good home”. It turned out his owner had died and we decided to take him in.

A couple of days later Charlie arrived. He was about 2 years old and in a terrible state. This little guy had ended up on a farm with a pack of larger dogs who’d been attacking him. It took several vet trips to mend his wounds, and a little bit longer before he felt happy and secure. But he and Robbie became great pals and had a grand life together.

Robbie died in 2006. Charlie lived on for another year and died in 2007. Their ashes are buried together under the Japanese maple tree in the garden.


8 responses to “Our dogs – past

  1. That’s lovely. I still miss our little dog Munchie, a lovely little dachshund with a big heart and a bad back who was taken too early. A big hug to you.

  2. What beautiful little dogs. Dogs do become so much a part of one’s family, don’t they?

  3. Lovely little piece I like the idea of rescuing dogs to.

  4. OOH. I want a dog but wouldn’t have time to care for one properly, so restrain myself. I do get to be Auntie to my friend’s dog, who is subsequently hysterically happy whenever I arrive there, as there is the chance of a walk.

  5. Ruth, next time you’re in Perth you can walk my chihuahuas 😉

  6. or pop over to Northcote 🙂

    • Are you only in Northcote Tony! That’s near enough. Come summer I may actually come over. It’s the only way I get exercise by walking – get a cute little animal to keep looking back at me enticingly when I stop.

  7. I’m just around the corner in Coburg and am happy to be an occasional dog walker. I’ll dose up with antihistamines to be safe.

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