The Creamota milk bar

Reading Girlwithshoes‘ post about her local milk bar closing down prompted this little post about a milk bar near us. Isn’t it amazing!? The sign for Creamota oats, which must have been done back in the 1930s,  covers the entire front of the shop.

Or rather, it did cover the front of the shop. The milk bar is still there but they painted over the sign.

THEY PAINTED OVER THE SIGN! Yes, really. With a big tin of  beige paint. Can you believe it?

The milk bar owners claimed in the local paper that they had to paint over this wonderful old sign because it was dangerous. Somehow I doubt any passers by were in danger of being killed by flaking paint. Grrrrr.


6 responses to “The Creamota milk bar

  1. nooooo they didn’t! 😦 Love the sign.

  2. Yeah, I know why they painted over it. It was subversive and gave false information. Dangerous that. It also was an ancient cultural artifact. Those things are always best destroyed. We have a long history of doing that.
    Anyway, best to paint over it or tear the place down before someone puts it in the British Museum or the Pergamon. I think the Germans are outside my place now, building the railway down to Melbin so they can take it back to Berlin soon.

  3. And another thing. Did the milk bar owners think of asking Jason Akermanis for his opinion first? Well, did they?

  4. That’s a real shame 😦 I love seeing the old advertisements above our local shops.

  5. Richmond Fleming

    Creamota was founded by my great great grandfather it was a shame to see it go. Another part of New Zealands history gone forever in the pursuit of money.
    Richmond Fleming

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