Corn tea コーン茶

Last summer we got a bit hooked on Japanese barley tea. It’s toasty and warming hot, but it’s also lovely cold. Right through summer we kept a jug in the fridge,  it’s just the thing for when you’ve been working in the garden on a hot day.

We’ve just recently discovered roasted corn tea which they serve at a little Korean cafe in Flinders Street.

As well as tasting delicious, corn tea is reputed to have several health benefits including reducing blood pressure, relieving fatigue, and easing digestive problems. You can find it in Japanese and Korean grocery stores… the Japanese one is often combined with barley.

おいしい!  delish!


5 responses to “Corn tea コーン茶

  1. Reducing blood pressure? Really? I will be giving it a try!

  2. me too! Maybe we should drink it in meetings.

  3. I just had a delicious cup of my favourite taosted brown rice green tea that you can get from those awesome vending machines in Japan hot or cold! Love tea, love Japan! Will look out for corn tea!

  4. Oh I am so getting some. High blood presure… check. Fatigue… check. Digestive problems… cehck.

  5. My god my spelling today.

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