Dorrit Dekk

I love the work of artist Dorrit Dekk.

She was born in Czechoslovakia in 1917, but there is hardly any information around about her.  After the Second World War she gained work as a graphic designer, illustrating books and designing covers for Penguin. Working in London from 1950 until 1979 she gained commissions for the Post Office, Air France, British Rail, London Transport, and the P&O and Orient Lines.  Her works feature strong graphic lines and fantastic pop colours. They were also great fun.

I always smile when I look at them.

I have quite a few of the menu covers she designed for P&O, including these two entertainment programmes from a voyage on the liner Canberra in 1962.


2 responses to “Dorrit Dekk

  1. Hello there,

    In a spooky co-incidence, I had just posted about Dorrit Dekk last week and put in a link to your Flickr stream. (And, I have to confess, borrowed one of the images, but didn’t know where to find you to ask!) It’s here:

    And someone who is in contact with her asked where the menu image had come from – she’d love to know. I’m hoping to be in touch with her next month.

  2. Dorrit is my aunt (she married my uncle, Leonard Klatzow). We were quite close from 1964 (when I arrived as a music student in London) up until the later 1990s. Her mn]other (Valerie Forman – she anglicised the name) lived well into her 90s. I have some original paintings (water) by Dorrit.

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