Striped beanie

Striped beanieAfter my on-again off-again vest, it was quite exciting to finish this in just 5 days! I reckon I need a few small projects for small wins along the way while I’m working on something bigger.  Anyway, I’m quite happy with how this turned out and it’s ready just in time for crisp morning dog walks. Wonder if it would fit under my bike helmet too?

The hat is in Rowan Felted Tweed and the pattern is by Martin Storey from a Rowan book Classic knits for men. Unfortunately all the lovely jumpers in the book begin at large size and go up to massive so I’ll have to stick to the smaller projects.

(Dear Rowan, your designs are beautiful but we aren’t all built like rugby players. Can we have some more modest sizes as well please?)

The beanie is knitted flat and then seamed. This is my first seam, which started off far better than I expected, then went a tiny bit wonky because I made the edge stitches too tight.

Although it was only a small project I still managed to make an astonishing number of mistakes but retrieved the situation thanks to the plain-speaking advice of Maggie Righetti in her book Knitting in plain English. So here’s one of Maggie’s tips…

You know when you have to rip back, because you’ve been paying too much attention to RuPaul’s Drag race on TV and you’ve messed up the stripes? When I rip it back and then pick up the stitches I always seem to get my needle back into the stitches so it’s pointing the wrong way. Maggie suggests getting a small circular needle and using that to pick up the stitches. That way you can never have the needle pointing the wrong way. Genius!

I got a 2 mm circular needle which worked great.  Once the stitches are safely back on the circular needle, just slip them purlwise onto the correct needle and you’re good to go. As you slip the stitches you can easily spot any twisted stitches and fix them before you start again.


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