Grey textured vest

Textured vest

Textured vest

I’ve restarted the textured vest from Erika Knight’s Men’s knits book. In my first attempt I had a couple of beginner knitter disasters along the way.

It’s quite astonishing the stupid things you can do. I think it’s like learning to drive, there are so many things to concentrate on that while you’re trying to get one thing right, something else quietly decides to go very wrong…

After doing the ribbing I forgot to swap to the larger size needles.

After ripping back I swapped one of the needles but forgot to swap the other one. It took me about 30 rows to realise what I was doing.

Then I noticed a patch where I had reversed the ribbing. Another beginner’s danger, if you make a small mistake it seems to attract more!

My other problem was loose purl stitches in the ribbing. As well as a waist band of ribbing the vest has ribbing details up the sides and they were all looking a bit loopy.

So now I’ve started over and it’s looking ok. To fix my loose purls I got a brilliant tip from Rox on Ravelry…

the next thing you can try is to give a slight tug on the working yarn after you have inserted the working needle into the second purl stitch, but before you have wrapped or picked the working yarn and pulled it through this second purl stitch. In other words, work the first purl, then insert the needle for the second purl and give a slight tug on the working yarn. This will pull any excess slack from between the first purl and the knit stitch before it.

The vest uses 2×1 rib so Rox advised that on the row with just one purl stitch to tighten the yarn on the next knit stitch.

The idea is to do the tug on the stitch after the 1st (or only) purl stitch, rather than in the purl stitch itself.

Rox rocks!

Rowan summer tweedThe vest is in Rowan summer tweed “Hurricane”, a dark charcoal grey with flecks of pale grey and mauve, 70% silk and 30% cotton.


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