Finishing the scarf

learning to unknit

learning to unknit

I’m making a final push to finish the scarf this weekend.  It’s been a good learning experience with simple rib and stocking stitch, and along the way I’ve learned how to fix up quite a few mistakes! Already, sometimes my fingers tell me something has gone a bit wrong, so I must be getting the feel for it. (But I still can’t knit and watch TV at the same time.)

I used Debbie Stoller’s tip to get neat edges. After inserting the needle for the second stitch, before knitting it, give it a tug to tighten things up. I think early on I was tugging a little too much – if it was a jumper I’d never be able to sew up those edges – so I’ve loosened things up a bit towards the end and it’s looking a bit better.

For the next project…  I’ve got some simple kelly green wool, enough I hope to knit a basic jumper from the Paton’s men’s classic knits pattern book. And I’ve got an eBay bid in for 6 skeins of Rowan Summer Tweed to do the vest in Erika Knight’s book.

You can get the scarf pattern here.


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